I sit here, staring at a wall that has been the scene of generations of disagreement, war, dispute, hurt, harm, anger, despair, tears, and sadness.

I sit here, in front of a wall that has been the scene of celebration, hope, love, happiness, appreciation, and gratitude.

It’s the Western Wall of the old city of Jerusalem– the last remaining remnant of the Holy Temple.

It’s a place that really guides my understanding of choice and perception. It’s a place that defines my ability to be in gratitude and despair at literally the same moment.
In my life, I really only have a choice as to how I respond and how I choose to perceive. I can’t change anyone else, and it’s the greatest accomplishment if I can change myself.

How do you shift your attitude when you are in a place of holding onto control, especially when that place is between sadness and hopelessness? Furthermore, how do you accept that which you find unacceptable?

I find that it’s truly about acceptance and trusting that something is really for the best. Yet, there are times where this attitude is truly impossible to attain, so for those times– I’m sorry, I don’t have the answer.

Yet, this week let’s choose to focus on the other times when we are hopeful, grateful, and believe that it really will turn out well. Truly, what benefit will the opposite view give us? We have the power to choose our perspective, and living in gratitude places us in a much better frame of mind to enjoy the many blessings that surround us every day.

I’m truly grateful for every one of you that reads, responds, and encourages me to be the best version of myself.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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