In my personal opinion, God is either everything, or God is nothing. However, at least in my life, I have been known to pick and choose when I have faith, and when I do not.

Instead of praying for God’s will for me, I pray for wealth, success, recognition, and for all the various materialistic toys that at the end of the day, ultimately don’t make a difference. I also pray for health, to be a better man, to be a better father, and to be guided to be the best human being I can possibly be, and ultimately to be of the greatest service I can.

This is not a bash on Asher, or me bashing others, this is what I consider a true dilemma of faith. Ultimate faith is that whatever the almighty does, is for the best. Especially when we do not understand God’s ways.

Of course, I do not judge myself, nor anyone else for not achieving this lofty goal. Yet, what I am attempting to do this week, is surrender and stay out of the results, and pray that whatever is best for mankind truly happens.

Voting is one of the obvious areas or acts of free will, and I encourage everyone to exert that free will accordingly. I do not believe in being an innocent bystander, nor turning the other cheek– I believe in making the greatest effort in whichever area I believe is best. Once I do that, though, I believe that I must have faith, and I must believe that the almighty has got our back.

That being said– violence is never the answer, unless you are playing defense. It breaks my heart seeing that buildings around the country are boarded up, and it breaks my heart that our children do not feel safe; that our collective anxiety as a community, and as a nation is at a whole new level.

My question to you, is how are you dealing with your anxiety during these tumultuous times? How are you staying positive, and also, how are you staying in faith?

This week, let’s be kind to one another, and let’s remind ourselves that the almighty hasn’t taken us this far just to drop us. Let’s make sure that we do everything in our power to create the outcome we believe is best for our families, our friends, our neighbors, our country, and our entire world. Yet once we do that, let’s stay out of the results, reminding ourselves that we really do not have control over the outcome– all we can control is how we behave, and how we choose to respond.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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