The basis for my thought this week is approximately 4,300 years old– yet, I feel that it is just as relevant and poignant today, as it was back then. In fact, this is a repeat of a thought of mine from 2 years ago, however, it is so important, and crucial to me, that I felt the need to repeat it.

Noah, the man who built the ark, was quote: “a righteous man in his generation” — why only in his generation though?

If you read the story, Noah saved his family and the animals, yet no one else. Abraham, on the other hand, when faced with the destruction of Sodom, negotiated with God to try and save the people, unsuccessfully as it was. Moses (who is considered the greatest leader of all) said to God, when God was going to destroy the Jewish people for building the golden calf, “If you kill them, then you might as well kill me”; Moses said literally “erase me from your book.”

The ultimate leader, and a guide for every one of us, is one who acknowledges that I am my brother’s and sister’s keeper, and holds the belief that we are all responsible for one another. It is not a dog eat dog world, and the best leaders are those who are there for their community, regardless of the situation at hand.

Today, when so many are suffering, it is more crucial than ever to remind ourselves that we are responsible for one another, and we must always do our part to lend a helping hand. We are all part of a greater community, so it is absolutely imperative that we are there in support and solidarity with one another, during good times– and even more so during difficult times.

This week, let’s really put forth the effort to acknowledge each other. Let’s not only give money or charity to help those less fortunate than us– let’s give our time and attention. Let’s remember that roles could always be reversed, and it could easily be us that are in need one day.

Accountability, Community, Unconditional Love


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